Research scientist
since 2014 @ Empa Dübendorf, nanotech@surfaces
2011-2014 postdoc @ Empa Dübendorf
2009-2010 postdoc @ University of Zurich
2008-2009 postdoc @ IFW Dresden

07/2016 – new publication – C. Sánchez-Sánchez, T. Dienel, O. Deniz, P. Ruffieux, R. Berger, X. Feng, K. Müllen, R. Fasel, “Purely Armchair or Partially Chiral: Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscope Characterization of Dibromo-Bianthryl-Based Graphene Nanoribbons Grown on Cu(111)” (2016). ACS Nano, accepted. – doi
07/2016 – new publication – J. Liu, T. Dienel, J. Liu, O. Groening, J. Cai, X. Feng, K. Müllen, P. Ruffieux, R. Fasel, “Building Pentagons into Graphenic Structures by On-Surface Polymerization and Aromatic Cyclodehydrogenation of Phenyl-Substituted Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons” (2016). J. Phys. Chem. C, accepted. – doi
04/2016 – new publication – R. Forker, T. Dienel, A. Krause, M. Gruenewald, M. Meissner, T. Kirchhuebel, O. Gröning, T. Fritz, “Optical transition energies of isolated molecular monomers and weakly interacting two-dimensional aggregates” (2016). Phys. Rev. B 93, 165426. – doiErratum
03/2016 – new publication – P. Ruffieux, S. Wang, B. Yang, C. Sanchez, J. Liu, T. Dienel, L. Talirz, P. Shinde, C. A. Pignedoli, D. Passerone, T. Dumslaff, X. Feng, K. Muellen, R. Fasel, “On-surface synthesis of graphene nanoribbons with zigzag edge topology” (2016). Nature 531, 489-492. – doiarXiv
featured in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Materials360 Online, and
7 August 2014 – Nature cover
“Under the covers (Nature revealed)”


Dr. rer. nat. in Physics (2009), University of Technology Dresden, Germany.

Diploma in Physics (2003), University of Technology Dresden, Germany.

Selected Publications

T. Dienel, A. Krause, R. Alle, R. Forker, K. Meerholz, T. Fritz, “Alkali Metal Doped Organic Molecules on Insulators: Charge Impact on the Optical Properties” (2010). Advanced Materials 22 (36), 4064-4070. – doi

T. Dienel, C. Loppacher, S.C.B. Mannsfeld, R. Forker, T. Fritz, “Growth-mode-induced narrowing of optical spectra of an organic adlayer” (2008). Advanced Materials 20 (5), 959-963. – doi

H. Proehl, T. Dienel, R. Nitsche, T. Fritz, “Formation of solid-state excitons in ultrathin crystalline films of PTCDA: From single molecules to molecular stacks” (2004). Physical Review Letters 93 (9). – doi

… a comprehensive list of publications


Solar Energy Journal Best Paper Award 2011

Harry-Dember-Award 2003 of the Center for Applied Photonics Dresden – link